Thank you, Dr. Park !!

I would like to recommend the dental work of Dr. Charles Park. I am over 70yrs of age, and have never written a letter of recommendation for a doctor or dentist. I have been under the care of Dr. Park for about a year. During this year, i have required much serious dental work. The doctor has installed 6 crowns, and they all fit perfectly as they came from his lab. This has never been the case with crowns made by other dentist.

I have also had 2 dental implants inserted. My jaw bone above the implant sites was not thick enough to support the implants. This was verified by a previous dentist through x-rays. Dr. Park cut a small door through the gum and sinus bone, and then placed bone graph material above the implant sites. He then closed up the opening, and drilled the holes for the implant bases.

There are two things that surprised me about this complicated process. First, the entire  procedure was finished in an hour. And, second. i had much less pain than expected during the healing process.

If you need some serious dental work, i recommend without hesitation. Dr. Charles Park.

Allen Kanyuck
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